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the story. >> the 2014 subaru forester suv is the most reliable. that's according to consumer report. just released. to find out which car least likely to give you trouble, they report they ask dprivrs they have had any serious car problems in the last 12 months. >> we have response on 1.1 million cars and used that data to predict how well new cars now on sale will hold up. >>reporter: most reliable car maker? lexus, toyota and accura. all japanese brand took the top 3 spots. but something new in the survey this year. >> area pine american manufacturer moved up in the rank. giving the japanese auto maker tough competition. >>reporter: fourth place awed i most reliable european brand and volvo jumped up to no. 7. gmc was suv like the one hear was named top american brand at no. 9. but the news report lincoln was not so good. >> ford lincoln has trouble with the retainment system over the past couple years. survey found complaint went down when they updated the system but the problem is still too high. over all ford ended up interthe bottom of new car reliability ranking and at the
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1